Table of Contents

I General

  • 1. Each manager is allowed only one team.
  • 2. Each team must have 18 players (11 starters and 7 substitutes). The 18 players include 2 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 6 midfielders and 4 strikers.
  • 3. Each team can have no more than 3 players from the same club.
  • 4. Each team has a starting budget of 120 million. This budget will change over time based on the performance of each player on the team.
  • 5. The value of a player varies over time based on the real-world performance of the player. If the player is underperforming, his value decreases. If the player is over-performing, his value increases. Therefore, the budget for each manager’s team may vary over time based on the total changes in the value of the players on the team.
  • 6. Each manager may select from the following formations: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 5-3-2, 5-4-1.
  • 7. Each manager is allowed 1 free transfer per round. Each additional transfer during that round will deduct 4 points from the team's overall points.
  • 8. Each manager gets 1 transfer wildcard, with the ability to purchase more using their "Coins" - each wildcard can be activated for any round, and it allows the manager to make as many free transfers as they want during that round.
  • 9. Each round will start 15 minutes before kick-off of the first match and will end after the last match of the round is played.
  • 10. If you sign up while a round is in progress, your team will only become active starting the following round.

II Scoring

  • 1. Players will score points based on their performance in real matches.
  • 2. In case of postponed matches, the players who were supposed to play in those matches will get 0 points. However, once the match is played, it will count for the round closest to the new match date. Only players who are on the team at that point (not players who were there when the match was supposed to be played) will score points.
  • 3. The manager may choose between 3 team dispositions, each giving a different mentality to their team: Attacking, Balanced or Defensive. This choice can be made for each round individually, and it affects the number of points players score for different achievements (goals, clean sheets etc.)
  • 4. Scoring table (disposition: balanced)
    PosStartSubGoalPen GoalPen MissAssistYCRCOGCl. Sheet3 ConcVictory
  • 5. Scoring table (disposition: attacking)
    PosStartSubGoalPen GoalPen MissAssistYCRCOGCl. Sheet3 ConcVictory
  • 6. Scoring table (disposition: defensive)
    PosStartSubGoalPen GoalPen MissAssistYCRCOGCl. Sheet3 ConcVictory
  • 7. Each team has a captain and vice-captain, which can be chosen for each round by the manager. The captain will score double points in that round; if the captain doesn't play, then the vice-captain will score double points in that round.
  • 8. An assist is the last pass made before a goal is scored. No assist is earned in the case of an own-goal.
  • 9. Players do not gain points for simply earning a penalty kick. They must score the penalty kick to gain points or miss it to lose points.
  • 10. Substitutes (players on the bench) will only score points if a starting player in the same position doesn't play a single minute in that round. For instance, if one of your midfielders doesn't play in a round, then one of the midfielders on your bench will be substituted on for him at the end of that round. The order of substitutes is from top to bottom on the bench, and it can be changed by dragging & dropping bench players.
  • 11. Substitutions can only be performed between rounds, not during a round, and they are performed by dragging & dropping players on your team page. The only exception is an on-the-fly substitution(may be purchased in the Store) which allows you to bring on a sub during a round, even for a player who has already played.
  • 12. Changes to team formations, and to captain and vice-captain, can only be made between rounds and not during a round.

*Only if the player was on the pitch for at least 45 minutes.

**Clean sheets are given to players who spend at least 45 minutes on the pitch without conceding a goal, even if their team concedes in the remainder of the match.

III Leagues

  • 1. Managers can create and/or join as many leagues as they want. It is completely free to create a league, but you can choose to set an entry fee for the league (in game currency, "coins"), in which case the entry fees are added up in order to create a “coin” prize for the winner. The “coin” prize is 75% of the sum of all entry fees, and is distributed after the league ends.
  • 2. Each team will be automatically assigned to a league based on the manager’s country and a fan league based on the manager’s favorite club.
  • 3. After creating a league, a manager will get a join-code that will allow the manager to invite other managers to join the newly created league. The code may be openly shared on the web (forums, blogs etc.)
  • 4. In order to join a league created by another manager, a manager needs to know the league's join-code.
  • 5. Public Classic leagues will be automatically created at the beginning of each round, for those members who didn't join or create any leagues between the day they signed up and the start of the next Round.
  • 6. A premium member may also apply to join leagues. The league administrator decides whether to accept the application. League administrators also have the choice to turn off applications completely for their league.
  • 7. All applications to public leagues will be accepted by Fantasy World Cup 2018 staff. Joining a public league this way costs the same amount of "Coins" as joining a user-created league, even though being assigned to a public league automatically costs nothing.
  • 8. There are two kinds of leagues: Classic and Head-to-head. Classic leagues work on the simple principle of adding up points the teams score in each round to create a ranking based on their total points. Head-to-head leagues are more like real-life leagues. The participating teams play against each other in each round, and the winner of each match is decided based on the points scored in that round. The winner gets 3 points and the loser gets 0, same as in real-life matches. In case of a draw, both teams get 1 point. There is a match center where you can follow the comparative progress of both your team and your opponent in any given round, along with statistics for both teams.
  • 9. For every head-to-head league, a fixture schedule is created at the beginning of the first round following league creation. Each team will play every other team twicein a similar manner to real-life leagues. After that the league winner will be known.
  • 10. It is possible to join only classic leagues after the league competition has already begun.
  • 11. When creating a classic league, you can choose how many rounds it will last (between 1 round and full season). For head-to-head leagues, the duration is determined automatically based on the number of teams.
  • 12. The administrator of a head-to-head league can remove teams from the league, but only before they've played any matches within the league.
  • 13. A league must have at least 2 members, or it will be disbanded before its first round begins.
  • 14. A head-to-head league has a limited number of members, depending on the number of remaining rounds. It is calculated as: N = (41- Current Round)/2. This ensures that there are enough rounds left until the end of the season for each team to play each of the other teams twice. So, before the season, the maximum number of members is 20 and, for instance, after 12 rounds the maximum number is 14.
  • 15. All leagues, as well as 1-on-1 matches, have trophies which will be automatically added to your profile after you triumph in a competition.

IV Coins

Coins are the in-game currency of Fantasy World Cup 2018. They can be earned and used to take actions and buy items within the game, according to the tables given below. Coins may also be purchased. However: NO PURCHASE OF “COINS” OR ANY OTHER ITEM IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR GAMES THAT DO NOT OFFER “COIN” PRIZES. “COINS” ARE FREE. As an alternative to purchasing coins or obtaining player transfers or other game enhancements with an upgrade of your account, on a postcard or sheet of white paper no smaller than three inches by five inches, hand print your name, address, city, state, zip code or postal code, country, date of birth email address and the date you are preparing your request. Mail postage prepaid the handwritten free entry request, with the envelope or postcard address and return address also hand written, to: Free “Coins” Request. P.O. Box 5763, Bethesda, Maryland 20824, U.S.A. No return envelope is required. Limit: one “coin” per complying hand-written request. “Coin” requests will be disqualified for any of: (1) ineligibility, (2) inclusion with the free transfer request of any other correspondence, (3) lost, late, damaged, or misdirected or postage due requests, and (4) requests that in the opinion of Global Multimedia, LLC are machine-generated in whole or in part, including but not limited to the stamped outer envelope or post card. The decision of Global Multimedia, LLC regarding eligibility or disqualification of free “Coin” requests received will be final. “Coin” requests become the property of Global multimedia, LLC on receipt. Ineligible and non-complying requests will not be acknowledged. Allow ten days from our receipt for player transfer credit to your account.
  • 1. Each manager gets 50 coins for creating a team.
  • 2. Upgrading to a premium account will bring you 5 coins per month of premium. So upgrading to 3-month premium will bring you 15 coins. Upgrading to full season premium counts as 10 months, and brings you 50 coins.
  • 3. You can earn coins in the following ways:
    ActionAward (coins)ActionAward (coins)
    Sign up50Upgrade to premium5/month
    Unlock the "Hat Trick" medal2*Unlock the "Wall" medal4
    Unlock the "Golden Shoe" medal5Unlock the "Golden Glove" medal3
    Unlock the "Bronze Medal" medal3Unlock the "Silver Medal" medal5
    Unlock the "Gold Medal" medal10Unlock the "Fair Play" medal2
    Unlock the "Creativity" medal2Unlock the "Leadership" medal3
    Unlock the "All-Star" medal3Unlock the "Chosen One" medal10
    Unlock the "Victorious" medal3Unlock the "Duelist" medal2
    Unlock the "Perfect Start" medal3Unlock the "100 Club" medal20
    Win 1-on-1 match?**Win a league?***
  • 4. The following items within the game can be bought using coins:
    ItemCost (coins)ItemCost (coins)
    More than 3 players from the same club30/playerTransfer wildcard40
    Extra free transfer per round401,000,000 budget injection50
    On-the-fly substitution card555,000,000 budget injection175
    Super-captain card75
  • 5. Coins cannot, under any circumstances, be redeemed for money. Coins may be transferred to the following season.
  • 6. All items purchased in the game, including transfer wildcards, expire at the end of the season, and are not transferred to the following season.
  • 7. It is not possible to transfer coins from one member to another.

*All medal rewards are only for paying premium members

**Only for paying premium members

***Only if the league has an entry fee (set by league creator)

V Experience Levels

You gain experience based on your performance within the game, which allows you to upgrade your manager level.
  • 1. Everybody starts with the level Rookie Manager and 0 experience points.
  • 2. Gaining experience points
    1x points scored in each round
    3x points scored in each head-to-head league you take part of
    15 points for winning 1-on-1 challenge
    5 points for drawing 1-on-1 challenge
    5 points for each transfer*
    More ways to be discovered as you play the game!
  • 3. The titles of each experience level will remain a secret until they are achieved by some of our members.
  • 4. You can see your current experience and how many points separate you from the next level in the top bar, next to your username (once you've logged in).
  • 5. If you stay with us for the following seasons, your manager level will continue to grow - your experience will never reset to 0.
  • 6. Likewise, the contents of your trophy case will remain in your profile.

*Calculated at the beginning of the following round, and only if there was no wildcard active.

VI Medals

Medals are earned based on the performance of your team. These will, of course, earn you bragging rights among your friends and competitors!
  • 1. Fantasy World Cup 2018 medals
    "Hat Trick"3 goals scored in one round
    "The Wall"0 goals conceded by defenders and keeper in one round
    "Golden Shoe"No other team scores more goals in one round
    "Golden Glove"No other team concedes less goals in one round (counting only defenders and keeper)
    "Bronze Medal"Ranked #3 in overall standings for the round
    "Silver Medal"Ranked #2 in overall standings for the round
    "Gold Medal"Ranked #1 in overall standings for the round
    "Fair Play"0 bookings in one round
    "Creativity"3 assists in one round
    "Leadership"Your captain is your highest scoring player of the round (before points are doubled)
    "All-Star"3 of your players appear as starters in round dream team
    "Chosen One"2 of your players get sent off and you still score at least 50 points
    "Victorious"8 players record victories in one round (counting only those who played at least 45 minutes)
    "Duelist"Win a 1-on-1 match
    "Perfect Start"All 11 of your starting players start for their clubs (not including auto-subs)
    "100 Club"Score 100 points in one round
    "Premium Golden Shoe"*No other Full Premium team scores more goals in one round
    "Premium Golden Glove"*No other Full Premium team concedes less goals in one round (counting only defenders and keeper)
    "Premium Bronze Medal"*Ranked #3 in Full Premium standings for the round
    "Premium Silver Medal"*Ranked #2 in Full Premium standings for the round
    "Premium Gold Medal"*Ranked #1 in Full Premium standings for the round
  • 2. Premium members also win coins for each unlocked medal, according to this table.
  • 3. You earn coins for unlocking each medal once.
  • 4. Medals are never awarded retroactively - meaning, if you become a premium member in round 3, then you will not be given medals for your team's achievements in rounds 1 and 2.

*For Full Premium members only.

VII 1-on-1 Matches

You can challenge other managers to 1-on-1 matches to defeat them directly!
  • 1. Each challenge is valid for the following round. If a round is in progress, it is not valid for the ongoing round.
  • 2. You can invite another member to play a 1-on-1 match by selecting that member’s team from 1-vs-1 tab in the app, or by clicking the “Challenge to 1 on 1” button located on the right side of the member’s team page.
  • 3. If the other manager doesn't respond to your challenge before the next round begins, the challenge will be discarded.
  • 4. For basic members, one on one matches cost 3 coins per manager. Premium Members also pay to play 1-on-1 matches, but the winner gets not only his own coins back but wins the opponent's coins! *

*Only if both managers are paying premium members.

VIII Account Types

There are several account types in Fantasy World Cup 2018, with different levels of involvement.
  • 1. Becoming a premium member has many advantages, including more ways to earn coins, more account options, notifications etc. (full list below).
  • 2. You can try premium for free by activating a Sample Premium account here.
  • 3. You can upgrade or extend your account here.
  • 4. You can't upgrade to a Sample Premium account while a round is in progress.
  • 5. Full list of account types with their respective attributes:
    H Account Type Basic Sample Premium Basic Premium 1 Basic Premium 3 Full Premium
    The duration of the account type. For premium accounts, it is counted from the day your premium account is activated.
    Length Full Season 2 weeks 1 month 3 months Full Season
    You can create and join classic leagues, as well as send and receive league invitations. Compete with friends, win trophies and coins! To read more about classic leagues, visit the Rules page.
    Classic Leagues
    You can create and join head-to-head leagues, as well as send and receive league invitations. Compete with friends, win trophies and coins! To read more about head-to-head leagues, visit the Rules page.
    Head-to-head Leagues
    Premium members, when logged in, will never see any banner ads that basic users see.
    Play 1-on-1 matches against other managers! To read more about one-on-ones, visit the Rules page.
    Put your coins on the line in 1-on-1 matches against other managers! To read more about one-on-ones, visit the Rules page.
    One-on-ones for coins
    We reward your team's performances each round with achievement medals! To read more about medals, visit the Rules page.
    Win Medals
    With a premium account, you win coins every time you unlock a new medal! To read more about medals, visit the Rules page.
    Win Coins With Medals
    Premium members get to use their own personalized team analysis page - this includes comparative stats for your players, highlighting underperforming lines of team, suggested formations and much more!
    Team Analysis
    In addition to basic statistics which can be found under the Stats menu, premium members have access to advanced graphical statistics, with helpful tools to compare fantsy teams, real clubs, players and leagues over various time periods.
    Advanced Statistics
    Premium members can interact with other managers in the game by sending and receiving private messages. This feature is not available for Basic members and Sample Premium members in order to prevent spammers from using it.
    Private Messages
    In-game notifications help you stay up-to-date at all times regarding your team and game events. For example, you will be automatically notified when you are invited to a league, someone joins your league, when a round ends, when you win medals etc.
    Team Logo
    You no longer have to wait for an invitation - you can apply for league membership yourself! This feature is not available for Basic members and Sample Premium members in order to prevent spammers from using it.
    Apply to Leagues
    Premium members receive a bonus of 5 coins per month of premium.
    Coin Bonus 0 0 5 15 50

IX Game "Coin" Prizes

All members that meet the minimum criteria set forth in section 7. Eligibility to Participate in the Game; Events of Disqualification, can win “Coin” Prizes in game “coins” at the end of the season. GAME “COIN” PRIZES CANNOT BE CONVERTED INTO CURRENCY OR PROPERTY BUT MAY BE USED THE FOLLOWING SEASON IN THE GAMES.

X Trophies

Members win trophies for triumphing in leagues, one-on-one matches, country/supporter groups etc.

XI Rules of Conduct

Fantasy World Cup 2018 is family-friendly and we will keep it that way. You must abide by the rules of conduct listed below as well as those included in the Terms and Conditions.
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